Coaching and Consultation

Coaching and Consultation

My passion for coaching involves an appreciation and respect for human development and the ability to collaborate as individuals strive for integration of self-knowledge and awareness along with management/leadership skill building. Using Emotional Intelligence understanding and assessment as a tool enhances a leader/manager or individual contributor’s awareness of self and the impact on others to influence an organizational environment.

Being aware/present coupled with the ability to influence creates a balanced leadership approach: managing results, process and relationships…building strength and resilience to navigate ongoing challenges of change to meet organizational goals and self-fulfillment.

My background training at Coach University and Coach Training Institute along with 12 years working as a Management Consultant for Kaiser Permanente, has enabled me to coach employees, managers, leaders and physicians with a focus on enhancing development, performance, meeting strategic goals and achieving job satisfaction.

Experience in consulting on leadership development , Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, training on Managing Change and Transition and Team Challenges , collaboration/support/ interpretation for 360’s along with offsite facilitation are helpful skill sets to be shared in the coaching relationship.

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